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Welcome to
Yoga Hut

Yoga for active,
older adults
who want to improve
  • strength;                
  • flexibility; and,     
  • balance                   

An enjoyable,
low impact method
to improve overall
health, and reduce
joint pain
while increasing
  • circulation;              
  • bone density; and,
  • muscle mass            
Meditative techniques
to improve
  • concentration;         
  • memory;  and,            
  • stress reduction        

golf jim2
We have specialized in Yoga for Golfers since 2009.

We use golf clubs for the 1st half of the class as props to gently stretch

muscles and release tension with less worry about balance or strength.

Our classes enjoy a balance of men & women,
as well as golfers & non-golfers.

Classes are currently running Monday,  Thursday and Saturday mornings.
Click on Class Info for further information
including directions, costs, things to bring, etc.

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Yoga  for Active Older Adults in Oak Bay & Victoria, BC

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